About Steve Burris

Burris works on behalf of the finest American and international web publishers to identify, structure and negotiate direct video advertisers for O & O web properties. We also offer RON tags for networks.

Measure our relevance through relationship.

Our greatest ability is availability! We welcome your feedback. You can speak to Steve at BurrisAndBurris@gmail.com We answer all mails every day. Always have since 1999.

A very special thanks to the many wonderful allies and partners who have shown me great courtesy, in working with me as advertisers and publishers. You know who you are. You are tremendous people! I thank you all.

This year we have expanded into premium search feeds for organic traffic originating from a search box. These new xml and js feeds would not be possible without the assistance of a few great friends of mine, industry leaders, respected by all. 

If you are even remotely involved in the process of researching, designing or launching one of our new projects, I owe you a debt of great gratitude. This year is a very exciting time. We are strengthening old friendships and welcoming new partners.

If you aren't HTML5 you will be!